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The Benefits of SetSchedule to First-Time agents

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The Benefits of SetSchedule to First-Time agents
The Benefits of SetSchedule to First-Time agents

Property is the largest asset class in the world, and new realtors often face difficulties. Take a look at how apps like SetSchedule can help them get on track.

How AI-Based Lead Generation Platforms like SetSchedule Help First-timers

As the real estate industry evolves, agents have to stay updated on market conditions and customer preferences. Given the title of the largest asset class in the world, the property market is set to reach astronomical figures by 2021. But with the advent of technology, real estate agents are witnessing a reduction of quality leads.

While experienced realtors will be equipped to tackle the problem, newcomers to the market will be left to fend on their own. Such a situation demands newbies to rely on technology to overcome this situation. Applications like SetSchedule have been introduced just of this purpose. The application ecosystem helps realtors find the best leads for their geographic location.

Agents starting out on the industry often struggle for years before getting established. Market understanding and lead generation are the core factors which first-time agents struggle when starting out. Lead generation platforms like SetSchedule address these issues and present first timers with real leads. Let’s take a look at the benefits held by such platforms:

Benefits for New Real Estate Agents

1. Real-Time mentoring

It Is always essential to have someone to mentor you while starting out a career in real estate. Mentorship allows first-timers to understand the industry and get insights from exercised real estate agents. Applications like SetSchedule have integrated assistance and membership programs that connect budding realtors with industry experts. Agents can call and text their mentors through the platform. Agents can ask for career advice and ask their queries for particular projects. Such platforms also enable on-demand sales advice for users.

2. Verified and convertible leads

Lead gen is one of the toughest things to do when starting out. Realtors often spend hours breaking down potential leads to check their viability before proceeding face to face. Individuals starting out may not be able to press such information. Automated lead gen platforms help its users by supplying them with quality leads. Realtors need to assess their options and select the leads which they deem are convertible. Once taken, all sorts of information will be available to the realtor as he looks to close his first sale/purchase.

3. Market Insights

Whether you’re experienced or not every real estate agent needs to get updated with market information. Lead gen Applications convert research from a stressful event into a comfortable routine. It gives expert insights like property estimates, local market pricing, demographic information’s, average sales prices etc. Agents can also get updated property information including price estimations from top analysts.

Other benefits of Apps like SetSchedule

Modern lead gen platforms are backed by technology and use advanced algorithms like AI and Big data to process leads. Leads once selected can be monitored and managed using CRM integrations. Users can also rely on mobile applications to do all their tasks. Users can also set up face to face interviews with the buyer/seller network and meet people who are advanced in their decision-making stages. Updated market info will also help beginners to make profitable decisions.

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