IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week

IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week.
IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week.
IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week.
IT News Africa: Most read stories of the week.

It’s been an insightful week in the world of tech. Despite the sad news of South Africa slipping into technical recession, this week we saw the credit data deal between Google and Mastercard, we learned of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi security protocols, and in gaming, there was the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

IT News Africa also had the chance to interview Gartners Mike Walker on emerging technology trends. Here is a round up off the latest tech news.

Wi-Fi hijacking: a real threat to your security

Every device that is connected to the internet is a potential access point for hackers, risking data and personal information. There are some inherent vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi security protocols and hardware components, which can make the lives of hackers that much easier. These possible entry points could provide hackers with access to networks and to any other connected IoT devices. Read more.

MTN Nigeria’s IPO in doubt over latest fine

Plans to list MTN Nigeria on the local bourse could be threatened by the latest regulatory crisis the operator is facing. Nigeria’s telecoms player MTN is at loggerheads with regulators over allegations of flouting regulatory procedures in foreign exchange transactions. MTN described the allegations as “false and based on completely false information.”
Read more.

African retailers fare higher than global average

According to a study conducted by retail management software company, Vend, over the past year, Africa’s independent retailers enjoyed sales volumes 25% higher than the global average. The 2018 Retail Benchmarks Report compared data from over 13,000 retailers, it revealed that across Africa, monthly sales volumes per store were 36% higher than retailers in North America and 5% higher than those in the United Kingdom. Read more.

Google and Mastercard in credit card data deal

Last year Google announced a new feature for advertisers called Store Sales Measurement, which gave the company access to around 70% of US credit and debit card data. According to an investigation by Bloomberg, Google and MasterCard brokered a partnership that would bestow on the search giant an unprecedented asset for measuring retail spending. Read more.

Garmin Pay contactless payment feature is now live

Garmin Southern Africa is excited to announce the Garmin Pay contactless payment feature that is now live on a range of Pay-enabled Garmin watches in South Africa. The feature is currently available to Visa-enabled cardholders of First National Bank (FNB) and RMB Private Bank. Read more.

Interview: Gartner’s Mike Walker Identifies 5 Emerging Technology Trends

The 35 must-watch technologies represented on the Gartner Inc. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018 revealed five distinct emerging technology trends that will blur the lines between humans and machines. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) play a critical role in enabling companies to be ubiquitous, always available, and connected to business ecosystems to survive in the near future. Read more.

IoT – Turning cyber threat into cyber opportunity

The network of connected sensors, devices, and appliances commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) has completely changed the way business works. This is as true of the heavy hauling and freight industry as any other. At any moment, various players in the industry can get a sense of vehicle health, cargo safety, and whether or not any infrastructure is in need of repair. Read more.

South Africa in recession: What does this mean for us?

South Africa has officially entered a technical recession, after Stats SA announced on Tuesday, 4 September, that the country’s real gross domestic product had decreased by 0.7% in the second quarter of the year. Stats SA data further showed a revised 2,6% contraction in the first quarter. Amid the news, the South African rand fell over 2% to R15,22 against the US dollar. Read more.

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