mVideo launches in South Africa

Disney launches new streaming service
Disney launches new streaming service. (image source: flickr tomsun)
mVideo, high-resolution mobile video delivery launches in South Africa
mVideo, high-resolution mobile video delivery launches in South Africa. (image source: flickr tomsun)

IMImobile SA has on Thursday, 08 March 2018 announced the launch of a high-resolution mobile video delivery solution. mVideo allows mobile marketing and enterprise customers to streamline the creation and delivery of high-resolution video content across multiple communication and media channels, such as email (as attachments or a link to a cloud-hosted video), social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), YouTube, and mobile app.

The announcement follows the recent GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, where the demand for video delivery was identified as one of the key mobile trends. As video technology continues to evolve, video-based content is increasingly consumed across all regions and use cases, it is predicted that video will account for around 75% of mobile traffic worldwide by 2023.

“With smartphones able to access and stream full-length HD videos in seconds, the media, marketing and broadcast industries need a viable way of delivering high-quality video content optimised for the diverse range of devices and channels. As a result, traditional video delivery formats such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) simply cannot deliver the video experience customers desire.” says Devon Meerholz, Chief Creative Officer at IMImobile SA.

IMImobile’s SA customers use videos for in-store screen experiences, social media promotions, as well as the personalised distribution of video-based itemised bills and bank statements. With mVideo, a multi-channel video campaign starts life as a full-motion video which is then selectively compressed down for every device and distribution channel. All full-motion videos are produced in-house by IMImobile’s own Creative Studio that is solely focused on optimising video content for mobile and digital distribution channels.

“The advantage of our approach is that we can supply our customers with multiple versions of the same video, with each video optimised for a different marketing channel or platform,” says Meerholz. “It’s been predicted that mobile users will spend 36 minutes daily watching videos on their smartphones in 2018, so mVideo is sure to hit clients’ sweet spots this year,” concludes Mr Meerholz.

IMImobile is a cloud communications software and solutions provider that enables companies to use digital technologies to communicate and engage with their customers. The company has helped to developed industry best practices by delivering country-specific mobile initiatives from mobile bank statements in South Africa to personalised marketing videos in the US.

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