South African startup, Bountly, launches recruitment platform

January 25, 2018 • Southern Africa, Startups, Top Stories

South African startup, Bountly, launches recruitment platform

South African startup, Bountly, launches recruitment platform.

South African startup, Bountly, has announced that it has launched the beta version of its recruitment platform in the Western Cape in South Africa. The platform is targeted at students, unemployed individuals, travellers and individuals hoping to add a secondary stream of income to their households.

The startup revealed that the Western Cape is just the start as it aims to expand to Durban and Johannesburg later in the year, while it also harbours plans to expand into Nigeria and even Spain in the near future.

The startup intends revolutionise how people find jobs, whether it be a primary job or a secondary one, thus changing the face of the unemployment market in South Africa. Users can post tasks for “online” or “in-person” jobs in and around Cape Town, or alternatively make an offer on existing tasks if they feel they are qualified for the position.

“Bountly targets the grey area, the undefined and task-related work roles, of which there are an abundance in South Africa,” said co-founder Carly Jack.

“We want to give people equal opportunity, and a marketplace to create an authority in their chosen profession,” said fellow co-founder Michael Whelehan, while chief executive officer (CEO) Simon Telian said: “We want to create trust in the workplace, while giving our users the competitive edge. Our peer-to-peer review system lets users rate one another, much like Uber, or AirBnb.”

Bountly allows the user to create a profile, and keep a record of all of their transactions with other users. It offers a virtual bank of recommendations, and the ability to build strong credibility.

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