Kenyan government launches e-trade portal

The technological impact of the trade wars on Africa
The technological impact of the trade wars on Africa.
Kenyan government launches e-trade portal
Kenyan government launches e-trade portal.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives has launched an e-trade portal with the aim to help Kenyans interact with trade locally and internationally. The National Trade Negotiations Council (NTNC) will provide traders with rules and procedures regarding import and export formalities.

The e-trade portal will also advise government on possible options to pursue on addressing emerging trade disputes.

“The Trade Information Portal will be an online platform which provides a comprehensive, single-point access to up-to-date trade-related information mainly step-by-step guides to imports, exports and transit procedures. This will help current, potential traders and other stakeholders to access information that will assist them to make informed business decisions,” said State Department of Trade Principal Secretary Dr Chris Kiptoo.

According to the Ministry, the portal is an authoritative trade information platform designed to provide: information on import duties, target market abroad, trade in services opportunities, information on Kenya’s suppliers of various goods and services.

Kiptoo says that the enabling private sector investment in goods and services sector and creating immense opportunity for trade development at county level as some of the things the Kenya e-trade Portal will be able to improve on.

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