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How to protect your PC system from viruses

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How to protect your PC system from viruses
How to protect your PC system from viruses.

Virus threats have always been around the cyber community affecting not only their security but causing data loss as well. Virus threats in the form of ransomware, spyware, adware, Trojans, phishing attempts and much more have caused a serious threat to users around the world. The threat is visible in different forms even today when a lot has been done to fence cyber security. The repercussion might not have been changed but the threat is coming in different forms every single day. There are certain measures you can follow to avoid these threats.

Use Anti-Malware Program: The first line of defense along with your system Firewall should be to use reputable anti-malware program. Anti-malware software ideally works on latest techniques and smart algorithms to find and remove all malware threats from your device effectively. These tools provide you complete security from all malware types. Additionally, they come loaded with performance enhancement features to keep your system working well. It should be a pertinent choice to select these software tools as they also work as a ransomware protection tool to avert some latest security threats.

Update Software: If you are one of those users who are still using those old & obsolete software, then think twice! Old software remains vulnerable to security threats due to loopholes it carries usually remain known to malware coders. In other words, it is quite simple to affect old software system with known loopholes than the one which carries the latest software and reliable security suite.

Every software developer issues latest updates to its software program with bug fixes, security patches, and other performance improvement features. Thus, keeping software up to date with latest updates can help you avoid numerous security threats effortlessly. Also, consider keeping your browser updated with all latest updates. You can look for auto updates or go to manufacturer’s site to find latest updates.

Create Strong Password: Create and use strong passwords for your system and data on it. Prefer to create password with at least 8 characters including letters, numbers and special characters. It will help you avoid data breach by malware attackers and even avoid snooping by prying eyes. Studies suggest it is easier to break 6 character passwords with all lower cases in few minutes. To the other side, using strong password with different characters will make it tough to break by attackers. This simple trick can help you create a protection wall for your sensitive data.

Download Safe: Billions of files are shared every day on different networks and devices. Similarly, downloads in the form of apps and different software from various platforms count in large numbers. Much of this data is downloaded from safe networks still there remain some percentage which causes threat to users. Remember to download apps or software from reliable platforms and at the same time don’t randomly download files on social networks from unknown sources. Also, remember to avoid links & attachments in emails sent by unknown and suspicious sources. This simple tip will keep viruses away from coming to your device.

Other tips: Security portfolio to keep your system safe from malware threats includes lot of dos & don’ts. It may require you to make some behavior changes while being online or ask you to use certain security programs. Let’s discuss few other effective tips to keep your system protected from viruses.

  • The first suggestion should be to ditch “Free Wi-Fi” temptation that may carry lot of security threats. Always prefer to work on secured network with encryption feature.
  • Second should be to scan external devices before use on your network as lot of borrowed external devices carry virus threats with them.
  • The third is to make some tweaks in system settings. Keep hidden files extension on display, set system restore points, and reset your system if required.
  • Fourth is to disconnect immediately from the network if you are under virus attack to avoid further spread of the virus.
  • Final and most important, keep data backup to secure data security.

Following few simple steps, you can protect your system and avoid data breach effortlessly. We have discussed few basics to keep your system protected from viruses and other cyber threats. We suggest you to follow these steps for effective security.

Contributed by: Apoorv Bhatnagar, Systweak Software.

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