Nigeria- NCC Threatens Telcos To Scrap Pre-Registered Sims or Face Punishment

August 14, 2017 • Mobile and Telecoms, Security, Top Stories, West Africa

Nigeria, NCC, Pre-Registered Sims, Telcos, Warning, Punishment

The Nigerian Communications Commission has blocked Globacom’s Free data day promotion. (Image source: Buzz Nigeria)

According to reports by the Nigerian Communications Week, the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission (NCC) has demanded that all mobile telecommunications firms block the use of pre-registered sim cards. The use of these sim cards are believed to be what criminals use to perpetuate crime across the country.

Ismail Adedigba, NCC deputy director, Consumer Affairs Bureau, gave the warning at the commission’s 87th consumer outreach in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. Adedigba, who chaired the event, frowned at complaints about the existence of pre-registered sim cards insisting that ”I expected to hear that all sim cards are registered. But I have issues with Service Providers here, how did we get these pre-registered Sims to start with?

“I think your networks should have the total number of available lines and the total number of subscribers in your database, and as such you should be able to know which Sims age registered and those that are not registered and automatically deactivate those that are pre-registered and those that are not properly registered.

“But a situation where are still having pre-registered sim cards with the advancement in technology today, is a surprise to me, and note that a severe punishment awaits any provider whose network is still carrying pre-registered sim cards.”


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