SA Online Store To Combat Junk Status

Rabaki introduces two new features to combat South African Junk Status., a South African online shopping store, has introduced new solutions to overcome the realities of junk status in South Africa. Through their two new features namely Reseller initiative and online Lay-by payment plan, plans to challenge the junk status by providing unemployed people and small businesses with an exciting opportunity of earning an average of 5% commission in return for selling the site’s merchandise.

The company also understands that with the looming junk status affecting the economy, people are cutting costs, to overcome this challenge, has also implemented a lay-by feature, so that consumers can choose their payment plan when purchasing items on the store.

“The reseller feature is all about supporting people in the local community who want an extra platform to grow their wealth or to develop their entrepreneurial skills as the reseller feature provides the materials to allow them to be their own boss as well as define their leadership skills through direct selling,” says Mr. Larry Kgatle,’s Spokesperson.

Being downgraded to junk status is a reality that South Africans are continuing to realise in 2017. The question remains on how small businesses can continue to rise out from the tension cast on South Africa’s economic environment with people cutting back on costs due to the weak rand.

“We believe that by introducing the Lay-by feature, we’ll be playing an important role to the consumers and giving back the power to consumers when it comes to budgeting during tough economic times and still be able to afford luxury products,” says Mr. Kgatle.

Since the inception of these features,’s website traffic has increased from 1000 weekly views to 3000 weekly views. has seen more than 40 people registering as resellers. The online shopping store has experienced a positive response from consumers since the introduction of these new features.

Staff Writer