Philips to accelarate healthcare in Kenya

May 4, 2017 • East Africa, Healthcare, Top Stories

The first Community Life Center (CLC) in Africa opened in 2014 .(image: Philips)

The first Community Life Center (CLC) in Africa opened in 2014 .(image: Philips)

Health technology company, Philips has partnered with the government of Kenya and the United Nations to transform primary health care in Kenya. The initiative will give special focus to gaps in human resources, healthcare financing, essential medicines, medical supplies, health information, and the use of technology.

Philips is the first private sector company to collaborate on transforming primary health care and establish an SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Partnership Platform. The company will provide support to the platform to start work on establishing a common fact-base on primary healthcare by assessing current and future healthcare needs, so that platform members can jointly identify, design and implement transformative initiatives in pursuit of the platform’s ambitions.

In 2014 Philips opened the first Community Life Center (CLC) in Africa in partnership with the local government of Kiambu County in Kenya. The centre boasts infrastructure and healthcare technology improvements, such as solar power and LED lighting, training, maintenance and sustainability, connectivity, reporting, monitoring, referral procedures, medical backpacks for community health workers, patient and workflow optimisation and project management.

“The constitution of Kenya guarantees the rights to health as contained under article 43. The Council of Governors of Kenya is looking forward to closely collaborating with the SDG Partnership Platform to help accelerate universal access to primary healthcare in Kenya’s 47 counties through unlocking transformative public-private partnership investments,” said Mrs. Jacqueline Mogeni, CEO, Council of Governors, Kenya.

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