Data availability imperative for the Always-On digital enterprise

Claude Schuck of Veeam, Patrick Maphopha of NetApp and Gerhard Gibbs of Veeam
Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Africa at Veeam, discusses V-Club in Kenya with Patrick Maphopha, Africa Chief Technology Officer and Technology Evangelist at NetApp, and Gerhard Gibbs, Territory Manager for South Africa Coastal and Sub-Saharan Africa at Veeam.

Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, hosted its Veeam V-Club event in Nairobi on 10 August. Veeam’s V-Club is a global event concept, hosted by Veeam in association with alliance partners, providing senior IT decision makers with a forum to discuss current trends in the market impacting their IT environments.

Senior IT decision makers from the insurance, financial services, aviation and tertiary education sectors attended V-Club Kenya, which was held in association with NetApp, a Veeam global alliance partner, and they all agree that the pressure is on for businesses to ensure high levels of uptime and availability.

Claude Schuck, regional manager for Africa at Veeam, welcomed participants to the roundtable discussion and emphasised that digital technologies are reshaping the way business is done.

“Organisations are expected to be faster, mobile, social, digital, and on-demand all of the time, and the business demands of the digital world have changed the way decision-makers approach their technology solutions. IT requires enabling solutions to help meet the expectations of being Always-On,” says Schuck.

According to Schuck, the Always-On Enterprise drives more services from the data centre that are coupled with a growing amount of data.

Patrick Maphopha, Africa Chief Technology Officer and Technology Evangelist at NetApp, and a speaker at the event, highlighted data and information management solutions for next generation data centres.

“IT is being asked to help set the business apart in a global, digital, and mobile world. A set of business imperatives are driving new opportunities for IT and while these imperatives aren’t new, the digital revolution has heightened their speed and necessity. Everything must be faster and more transparent,” says Maphopha.

He believes that the cloud has emerged as a way to more effectively meet rapidly changing business needs. “Every organisation is trying to determine how it can move quickly and confidently to a future where the cloud is core to its strategy,” says Maphopha.

Schuck agrees. “New digital technologies are enabling customers to experiment with new ways of operating their business. However, there is simply no patience for downtime or data loss. Fortunately, the technology is there to enable African enterprises to overcome the challenges of data growth in order to embrace availability and the Always-On way of business,” concludes Schuck.

Veeam’s V-Club roundtable provided an opportunity to Kenyan CIOs and senior IT decision makers to engage with their peers and share their knowledge and experience around availability and the challenges and opportunities presented by the growing amount of data stored and operated by the modern enterprise.

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