Nigeria: Second-hand e-commerce site revealed

E-commerce may be just be the kick-starter the South African economy needs.

EcommerceNigeria has seen a new player in the e-commerce space enter the market, According to the website, it allows those living in Nigeria to sell items ranging from personal, office or household good. Additionally, the website allows individuals to sell cars, mobile phones, property, and even advertise job placements.

COO, Babak Tighnavard revealed that: “Nigeria became a choice destination for the launch of because of its fast-growing e-commerce market.”

According to Tighnavard : “ comes with authentic verification system to make the platform secure and reliable for genuine business transactions. Where a buyer has difficulties contacting the seller at a particular location, the staff of will be available to convey the merchandise to the buyer, collect the money on behalf of the seller and return it to the seller free of service charge.”

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