Ghana: Telco firms seek NCA intervention on tariffs

Airtel Uganda launches LTE network
Airtel Uganda introduces LTE internet.
Vodafone and Tigo have taken the matter to the Electronic Communications Tribunal seeking to thwart the move.

In Ghana, smaller telecom companies, led by Airtel Ghana, are now seeking cover from the National Communications Authority (NCA) against low tariff promotions held by larger telecom operators such as Vodafone and Tigo.

According to a report by Adom News, Airtel has written to the NCA and proposed a number of regulatory regimes including controls on off-net and on on-net tariffs and the need to declare a significant market player (SMP) as a tool to control competition.

Subsequent to Airtel’s proposal, NCA implemented a GHP 4 per minute minimum interconnect rate, which was accepted by all, and then asked each operator to do their respective position papers on the on-net bit.

MTN has taken a neutral position while Vodafone and Tigo have opposed the move.

Glo joined Airtel in support of the proposed protectionist policy whilst the smallest operator, Expresso, is said to be opposed to the move to control on-net tariff, which is meant to protect smaller firms. The NCA has gone ahead with a proposed minimum on-net tariff of GHP 4 per minute, dividing the telecom industry.

Adom News revealed that Vodafone and Tigo have taken the matter to the Electronic Communications Tribunal, seeking to thwart the move as they believe it is not in the interest of the consumer. The tribunal is yet to set a date for hearing to begin.

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