New Egyptian tablet to be launched by end of year

Intel's Core i7 processor

A new tablet, in cooperation with the Egyptian government, the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) and the technology giant Intel will bring forward Pluto, the first ever tablet to be assembled entirely in Egypt with an Intel processor.

Intel's Core i7 processor
Intel’s Core i7 processor

The hope is that with the launch of the tablet it will help spur other countries to develop local technology and help to create the next advances by using locally sourced ideas and manpower.

NordixEgypt will be responsible for all the supply, marketing, distribution and sales of the product, which the AOI and Intel said should be available at retail stores throughout the country by the end of 2013.

It will cost EGP 1,777 and will offers consumers fast web browsing, multimedia capabilities and Android applications.

“The Intel Atom processor offers impressive battery life, and always-on technology in sleek designs that are lighter, more responsive and enable a multitude of options for mobile users,” Intel said of the new product.

The company, however, has said that it is continuing to look at new means of producing and creating a new tablet that is affordable to more Egyptians, with the current price tag still remaining out of reach for the vast majority of the country.

 Joseph Mayton