MTN Nigeria adds 10 000 new base stations

MTN Nigeria CEO Michael Ikpoki . (Image source: File)

Nigeria is moving forward on boosting its mobile infrastructure in an effort to shore up poor service, which cost telecommunications operators the ability to use promotions last year. This week, MTN Nigeria announced that it had rolled out some 10,000 base stations across the country in an effort to ensure services move forward without hitches.

Michael Ikpoki, CEO of MTN Nigeria (image: MTN)
Michael Ikpoki, CEO of MTN Nigeria (image: MTN)

MTN Nigeria CEO Michael Ikpoki said the company “is focused on three major areas, one of them being significant improvement of customer service.”

He said that MTN would be building on a track record of aggressive investment in the network to ramp up capacity. He said MTN “has led the industry in terms of rapid network roll-out.”

Apart from crossing the 10,000 base station deployment mark, the company has installed additional switching centers, aside from its world-class network management center, and approximately 20,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cable cross country and around metropolitan hubs.

Ikpoki said there “is still room for improvement, and that operational challenges relating to the environment sometimes robbed the network of the gains it has made in capacity expansion.”

David Eto