Cell C has Jhb’s worst dropped call rate – ICASA

Alan Knott-Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Cell C (image: Beeld)

South Africa’s Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) conducted a survey to determine the Quality of Service provided by mobile operators Cell C, MTN, and Vodacom throughout the Johannesburg and Pretoria region – and the results showed a lack of quality.

Alan Knott-Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Cell C (image: Beeld)
Alan Knott-Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Cell C (Image source: Beeld)

In tests to determine average retainability, ICASA found that South Africa’s third mobile operator Cell C had the worst dropped call rate in the Johannesburg region. “Based on the average retainability results, Vodacom met the target, while MTN and Cell C did not meet the target; Cell C (had) the worst Drop-call rate of 8.06%,” ICASA said in the report.

The Authority explained that according to the End-User and Subscriber Service charter regulations of 2009, the Drop Call Rate should be less than 3%, while the Call setup Success Rate should be greater than 95%.

In terms of the Call setup Success Rate, all three operators scored higher than the ICASA prescribed 95%, with Vodacom coming in tops with 99.17%, while Cell C scored the lowest with 96.02%.

According to ICASA, Quality of Service is defined as “the collective effect of service performances which determine the degree of satisfaction of a user of the service. QoS provides an indication of what the customer experiences when using the mobile network and is evaluated in terms of Retainability and Accessibility,” the Authority explained.

In a concluding statement to their Report, ICASA said that “although some of the operators did meet the targets on specific area, it must be noted that the voice quality measurements were not measured and in some areas the received Signal levels were below the average which could affect customer experience during the voice call.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech Editor