Tanzania: vandals cut off communications at State House

The Tanzania Daily News reports on an act of vandalism of communications equipment at the State House in Arusha City.

Vandals have reportedly targeted the landline communications system at the State House in Arusha City. (Image: File)

Laibu Leonard, Regional Manager for Tanzania Telecommunications Company (TTCL) in Arusha, has reportedly confirmed the incident and is quoted as saying that the perpetrators removed phone cables and connectors which cut off landline-based voice and data communications.

The Regional Manager said that the loss incurred by the company has amounted to almost 1billion (approximately $616,720.00)

According to Leonard as many as 41 locations in the region have reported theft cases and up to 2500 of the company’s clients will experience an impact on their communications because of crimes targeted at landline telephone communications infrastructure.

In 2012 TTCL is reported to have lost 951 million (approximately $586,500.720) as a result of vandalism, the amount is equivalent to what the company ought to have accrued through its service to customers.

Notorious areas listed by Leonard included Kwa-Idd section of Ngaramtoni, Sakina-Azimio, Themi- Njiro and Sanawari.

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