Seacom’s Egypt to Europe segment restored

In a follow up statement regarding the restoration of service outages between Africa and Europe as a result of damage to Seacom’s undersea cable infrastructure, the company has said that service to customers using the cable system link between Egypt and Europe has been restored.

Claes Segelberg, CTO at Seacom. (Image: Seacom)

According to the statement, “To implement this restoration, the SEACOM team had to identify, negotiate and sign contracts to establish multiple paths across the Mediterranean on cable systems that were unaffected by the recent cable cuts.  Additionally, once these routing paths were chosen, crossconnects at the Egypt and Marseille terminals had to be manually coupled byteams deployed at both sites.”

“SEACOM activated a huge amount of manually-restored capacity on alternative paths in a short time frame.  We have also managed to assist in restoring services on other East Africa cable systems that are also down due to the same cable cut incident on a different subsea cable in the Mediterranean.  We did this as an act of good faith and to ensure that customers in Eastern Africa see services returning to normal as quickly as possible ” said Claes Segelberg, SEACOM’s CTO.

Staff Writer