Seacom restores services across Southern, Eastern Africa


In a recent development concerning disruption to Internet connectivity between Africa and Europe as a result of damage to Seacom undersea cable infrastructure, the company has issued a statement saying that “it had been able to add significant capacity to the network and as a result, has restored services for the majority of customers across Southern and Eastern Africa.”

Mark Simpson, CEO, Seacom. (Image: Seacom)

Seacom has also stated that over the last 36 hours it has been able to augment the IP network to relieve congestion.

According to Seacom all customers whose services are restored are being contacted directly to advise them of the circuits now in service.

This latest development follows a statement by the company, released on Sunday, stating the company’s ongoing effort to restore transmission customers across the Mediterranean Sea and that “optimisation of the IP network is also going to relieve congestion …”

It is not clear as to when repairs will be completed and transmission services fully restored. On Monday South African internet services provider Internet Solutions notified clients that repairs could take till April.

In an email dated 23 March, Internet Solutions responded to a service request by saying that the impact of the current cut and subsequent repairs will be increased latency from South Africa, and “Repairs to be completed ETA 05 April 2013”.

Chris Tredger, Online Editor