Review: Beats By Dre Wireless

Beats by Dre has become synonymous with great quality headphones, earphones and speakers. A number of celebrities and musicians have thrown their names and faces behind the units that were developed by the rapper. We got a change to play around with the Beats Wireless model, but was the music as clear as we had hoped?

The Beats By Dre Wireless model (image: Beats)

What we like about them
The mere fact that they are wireless is a major bonus. In fact, more heaphones should come out as wireless devices and it is definitely a trend in current designs.

The cups are made from a soft synthetic material, but while they fit snugly and comfortably, they do become a bit of problem after long use. Probably the coolest thing about the wireless pair is that they have all the controls built into the outside of the earcups.

With a swipe and a touch of the finger, users will be able to change volume, tracks and even connected devices. The motions are fluid, accurate and fast, and there are no wires that can get in the way.

The earcups also fold into one-another, so it is easy to store and transport without the fear of damage.

Speaking of connected devices, the unit makes use of Bluetooth, so it will be able to connect to any device that is Bluetooth-capable. When it comes to audio, the headphones has a pretty impressive battery life that spans almost 10 hours of uninterrupted listening. When the battery runs out, they can be charged through the accompanying USB cable.

But the most important thing about a decent pair of headphones is sound quality. Well, the wireless Beats certainly does not disappoint and the sounds are crystal clear and crisp – the way it should be. And with someone like Dr Dre behind the design, users can expect nothing less than headphones fit for a professional studio.

What we do not like about them
Because of the material that the cups are made from, they tend to become a bit sweaty after prolonged use. Given that ears are sensitive to pressure and changes in temperature, that is not a good thing!

Coupled with that, after using the headphones for about an hour, ears tend to feel the strain of having a device pressing against them, causing them to ache a bit. Granted, there are different models of Beats on the market, and if users feel that the wireless unit’s cups might be a bit small, they should rather check out the Pro or the Studio units. Other than that, there are not any other gripes that might persuade users to look else where…

The Beats Wireless unit is a great set of headphones, and delivers amazing sound. The headband fits tight around the wearer’s head and the cups produce clear sound while blocking out external noise. While the unit has a few issues that work against it, it is still an awesome piece of equipment to have. Many celebrity users surely cannot be wrong, and by using a pair of Beats, users will actually find out what all the fuss has been over.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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