Nigeria: Fiber cable cuts disrupt MTN service

February 4, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms

MTN Nigeria has reported that a series of fiber optic cable cuts, attributed to construction and possibly vandalism, have occurred in the Eastern part of the country and have resulted in a loss of service to that region.

MTN Nigeria has confirmed that a series of fiber cable cuts have disrupted service to the Eastern part of the country. (Image: File)

Nigeria has long struggled with vandals and sabotage of telecom networks, especially last year when militant groups attempted to control telecom services by cutting cables.

According to Akinwale Goodluck, MTN’s Corporate Services Executive, there have been multiple cuts on the Eastern Fiber Network in recent days.

He said this “has impeded the delivery of consistently good quality of service in the east.”

“These particular cuts, he continued, “are as a result of road construction activities, which have affected many of its sites.”

He said that the company has doubled surveillance on the affected routes to track the activities of the construction companies and is keeping a watchful eye on potential vandals in the area.

MTN Nigeria also said it urged customers to be patient as they restore services, but did not give a timeline as to when that would be.

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