Airtel Ghana trains up mobile money agents

Airtel Ghana is the latest telecommunication services operator to report an expansion of its local network to capitalise on the growth of the country’s mobile money market.

Airtel Ghana has initiated its mobile money agent 'Rationalization Project'. (Image: File)

The operator recently held its first training session for 350 mobile money agents. This marked the beginning of what the company says is an ongoing effort to bolster its position within Ghana’s expanding mobile money society.

According to Airtel Ghana, “this was the first phase of its Agent Rationalization Project.”

The company said in a statement that “in response to feedback, Airtel decided to streamline its number of agents but ensure that a core team of well-trained ones with strong motivation and capability is deployed.”

The agents were reportedly given training in customer service skills, finance and office management, bill payment, customer registration and remitting Airtel money. The training was also provided to enable agents to increase their earnings.

The move should enhance customer care for Airtel’s mobile money services in the country and help maintain efforts by the telecommunications sector to roll-out mobile banking services.

David Eto