Morocco announces court ICT system upgrades

The Moroccan government has announced that it has launched a new ICT digital court project for all its judicial system at the court of cassation in Rabat. The move will see improved court proceedings and the government hopes it will speed up trials and court sessions.

The Moroccan government has launched a new ICT digital court project to enhance legal processes and procedures. (Image: Google/

The Ministry of Justice said that “the pilot will be extended to all of the chambers of the court in the next five years.”

It added that the experiment “covers areas such as electronic legal document archives, management systems, remote forensic evaluations and online case files shared in real time through in-court notebook computers.”

The court’s strategic plan for 2013-2017 also refers to “digital courts using new technologies to facilitate procedures, unify judicial interpretations and increase the quality of decisions.”

According to the ministry, citizens will now be allowed to file complaints electronically and “…case management will be improved through online communications between the court and users.”

The digital court project will set up an integrated training system, with incentives to learn how to use the new technologies to improve court personnel productivity.

Joseph Mayton