Cameroon: 3rd mobile operator intends solid reach

January 30, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Soon to be third mobile phone operator in Cameroon, Vietnam’s Viettel announced this week that it will connect all schools in the country. It also added in a statement that it would cover at least 81 percent of the population in its launch.

Viettel, Cameroon's soon-to-be 3rd mobile phone operator, has stated its intention to connect all schools in the country and achieve 81% national coverage. (Image: Google/

It has already announced that its service would be 15-20 percent less, in terms of costs for service, than the other two operators in the country.

The third license is aimed at boosting the West African country’s mobile sector.

Viettel said in a statement that it has “pledged to create some 6,300 direct and indirect jobs.”

At a meeting with Cameroon’s telecoms minister, Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam, Viettel’s CEO and deputy CEO, Ho Viet Hung and Nguyen Khan Duy, discussed the company’s plans to co-ordinate its fiber rollout with Camtel.

Agence Ecofin reported that Viettel “plans to deploy fiber in places where Camtel has not and to share infrastructure.”

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