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Liberia: tax court orders sale of Libercell

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In what analysts had long expected, Liberia’s tax court has ordered that Libercell be sold. The move means the telecommunications company will be able to pay off its debts to the Liberian government, after it had failed to due so.


Liberia's tax court has ordered that telecommunications company Libercell be sold. (Image: Google/

The Tax Court of Liberia ordered Atlantic Wireless, or Libercell, to be sold after it could not pay the $1.1 million in debt.

A notice of sale has been dated January 22 and was issued by Acting Tax Court Sheriff Captain Charles D Kidio, who revealed that Libercell “will be sold to the highest bidder at its various locations.”

Tax Court Judge Eva Mappay-Morgan said “Libercell’s properties should be seized until the amount is raised.”

Judge Morgan also ordered the arrest of Libercell’s CEO, financial manager and any other authorized personnel and “bring them before the Tax Court or any other judge, if the court officers cannot find land, goods and chattels of Libercell.”

Analysts believe the move will help boost Liberia’s growing mobile sector and give backing to transparency and better regulation as the country moves forward with infrastructure projects and better services.

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