Vodacom Tanzania progresses on 3G backbone

Vodacom Tanzania has announced that it would have the second stage of its backbone 3G link up and running by April 2013. The company also added that it would be operational at that time and deliver faster and more secure connections to its users.

Vodacom Tanzania managing director Rene Meza (image: file)

It comes as Vodacom continues its partnership with the National Information Communication Technology Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) which aims to boost Internet and 3G infrastructure in the East African country.

Vodacom’s Managing Director Rene Meza said the operator “connected its northern Dar-Arusha-Dodoma fiber optic ring to the NICTBB in November” and “Phase two of the connection to the NICTBB project will see the closing of the Dodoma-Mwanza-Mbeya ring as well as the Dodoma-Mbeya-Dar one.”

Meza added that Vodacom “has invested over TZS 800 million in the NITCBB project.

“The link to the NICTBB has also boosted efficiencies in data transmission from Mwanza and Mbeya, which are also connected through Dodoma,” he continued in making the announcement.

Meza added that Vodacom “fully supports government efforts to ensure that as many Tanzanians as possible have improved access to ICT services.”

He said connecting the Dar-Arusha–Dodoma NICTBB ring, which has a capacity of 622 Mbps, is a clear indication of its support.

Mohammed Awad