Cameroon’s Limitless Electronics tables its tablets at CES

Innovation is a staple of the Consumer Electronics Show. Every year thousands of companies flock to Las Vegas in January to share their newest devices and products with an exciting conglomerate of people ranging from the professional media to electronics junkies. Over the last few years, there has been a noticeable trend: technological innovations coming out of Africa.

Cameroon’s Limitless Electronics showed of its React tablets at CES (image: Limitless)

It is no secret that Africa is well on its way to becoming the second largest manufacturing continent after Asia. With Africa the fastest growing market for mobile phones – nearly 735 million having been projected to be in the hands of Africans by the end of 2012 – technology entrepreneurs are starting to take notice of the tremendous potential Africa has to offer.

Limitless Electronics, run by Cameroonian Tony Smith, has taken hold of the consumer electronics industry in Africa. With the successful release of the Limitless Mind tablet across western and southern Africa, the company now has its sights set on the global market with ambitious plans not only for tablets, but all types of high-end luxury devices and electronics.

The newest product line-up at Limitless includes the React and Fleet brands of connected smartphones, slates and smart TVs.

The Fleet brand devices are designed for advanced durability to provide long lasting and reliable performance in all types of conditions. Many Fleet devices are outfitted with technology and hardware that offer military-grade protection against exposure to water, wind, dust, shock, and more.

Limitless is pursuing new ways to engage with customers. One example, currently in development, is the launch of a program where customers have the opportunity to custom-select both their hardware components and the operating systems to run on the hardware.

This unique option counters the current market practice of devices virtually becoming synonymous with the operating systems they run. Limitless is effectively debundling the tablet and phone market, allowing innovators like Ubuntu and Android to compete more directly for customers’ business.

The company is additionally working to establish the first large-scale electronics manufacturing operation in Africa. Limitless has already incorporated hybrid manufacturing into its operations. In response to a need for suitable manufacturing locations, hybrid manufacturing was created to allow the manufacturing and assembly of components and devices with fewer people and less space than a standard factory.

It is clear that Africa is on the move. Limitless is one of a small handful of companies driving major investment and change to the continent. Limitless React and Limitless Fleet devices will be available in over 190 countries in March 2013. Pre-orders through the Limitless Electronics Online Store begin on February 15, 2013 at

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