DiData takes Botswana to the Cloud

Dimension Data today launched cloud services in Botswana. Private organisations, service providers and governments around the world are fast engaging the concept of cloud computing and how African organisations are taking advantage of its benefits is truly an exciting journey. “Although adoption is gradual, as cloud providers demonstrate its benefits, I believe that Africa is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the benefits of cloud” says Tony Munro, Solutions Executive: Dimension Data Africa.

Tony Munro, Solutions Executive: Dimension Data Africa. (Image: File)

Cloud technology presents a new consumption model for ICT solutions and services wrapped in a predictable, monthly commercial model which allows its adopters to reduce cost as cloud reduces the total cost of ownership of managing infrastructure and applications.

Fewer assets mean less capex outlay. Organisations also increase their agility, as Cloud improves the ability to adapt rapidly to new technologies and changes in the market.

“Organisations have a lot of options in the cloud, and our role is to advise our clients where to start” explains Duncan Pie, Managing Director: Dimension Data Botswana. “Dimension Data’s comprehensive range of Cloud Services helps them at each step in their journey towards cloud architectures. Our Cloud Services suite is designed to address the many requirements of an organisation’s path to the cloud, whether it’s at the beginning of its usage of cloud and virtualisation, or well on its way to leveraging the benefits of self-service, hybrid cloud models.”

“Organisations in Botswana can take advantage of the benefits of cloud and we look forward to helping our clients achieve the transformational potential of cloud computing. Because all Dimension Data’s Cloud Services are delivered on a consistent platform, it’s easier and more cost-effective to expand from one cloud model to another as the demands of the business change.”

“Going forward, I am confident that Botswana will join Africa’s businesses and governments eagerness to adopt cloud, and will leverage it to leapfrog its technology adoption, without having to incur exorbitant infrastructure costs and enjoy world class ICT services on a pay as you go model” concludes Pie.

Staff Writer