Africa could miss digital migration deadline

Experts have warned that because of low government effort Africa could fail to make the 2015 digital migration deadline according to an East African Business Week report.

Experts have warned that Africa may not make the 2015 digital migration deadline. (Image: File)

Industry experts believe the continent is not fully prepared to make the cut off point in three years time.

Koenie Schutte, CEO of LS Telecom (South Africa Radio Communication Services) is quoted by East African Business Week as saying, “It is evident that many countries on the continent are not likely to beat the 2015 deadline. A typical national roll out would ideally need two to three years for the trial phase alone, all the infrastructure needs to be in place. The situation on ground is that Africa has only three years to the deadline and at the same time a number of countries are still debating on the technology to adopt,” he said.

Misplaced regulations, lack of content and low level of consumer awareness have been cited as key reasons behind the slow progress.

Says the report, the deadline for the migration to digital came about as a result of the 2006 Regional Radio communication Conference. Signatories to the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) all prescribe to national ‘switch-on’ and ‘switch-off’ deadlines.

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