Airtel Zambia gets Zambitious over global calling rates

Airtel Zambia has announced a signficant reduction in international calling rates to bordering countries such as South Africa and selected regions worldwide, including China and USA. Call rates to South Africa has been reduced by 75%.


Airtel Zambia has announced a signficant reduction in international calling rates. (Image: Flickr/ Alliance Media)

Navdeep Kapur, Marketing Director Airtel Zambia, said, “When we launched our Zambitious campaign, we promised that we will introduce some of the coolest rates on the market. To this end, we went ahead and established the most popular destinations to determine how best we can delight our customers.”

Subscribers will have to register to enjoy the reduced calling rates. 

Kapur further explained: “This is Airtel’s way of saying thank you to its customers for the support, we will continue bringing forth services that are delightful and locally relevant and ensure that our customers benefit. This is Airtel’s commitment to all its customers.”


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