NeverDead expansion pack set for late February

The first DLC (downloadable content) for NeverDead will be available from 22 February Konami Digital announced.

A screenshot of NeverDead (image: Konami)

Entitled NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 1, the DLC expands will expand the online game elements. Players receive a new playable character, three challenges within the expanded Asylum level and two online costumes for Bryce Boltzmann, the immortal hero.

Within co-0p challenges, users can control a charismatic pop-idol called Nikki Summerfield and the new challenges within the reworked Asylum stage.

These include:

* Egg Hunt: Score points by gathering and delivering collectables in the Asylum level to the ‘Score Zones’. Opposing forces, ambush points and surrounding hazards will seek to thwart your efforts.

* Fragile Alliance: Racing through map checkpoints, users attack rivals to stop their efforts. Obstacles and enemy spawn points are upped just to annoy you.

* Onslaught: Defeat evil to unlock the Asylum level section-by-section. Demon-seals blocking off areas dissipate as you defeat enemies.

Staff writer