Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Software Innovation essential for Africa’s economy

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Sofware and technology innovation will drive Africa’s economy and create critical jobs in the ICT sector.

John Weresh, General Manager Worldwide for IP OPS at Microsoft Corporate

That’s according to John Weresh, General Manager Worldwide for IP OPS at Microsoft Corporate.

Weresh was in Johannesburg, South Africa last week to address delegates at the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Indaba.

Weresh believes software innovation drives IT employment at a local job creation level. During his presentation, he highlighted the next phase of software-related job creation for South Africa.

“The IT market is expected to drive the creation of 2000 new businesses by the end of 2013,” he said.

According to Weresh, increasing adoption of Cloud Computing will transform software spending from an often prohibitive capital cost to an operating cost well within the budgets of the small and medium-sized companies that create the most local jobs.

“The relationship between intellectual property policy and such job creation creates a balance in the further development of intellectual property laws as it takes into consideration IP owners on the one hand, and IP users on the other. He cites Microsoft as a perfect example as the company has experience of this as both an owner of IP and as a company subject to the assertion of IP rights of others,” said Weresh.

Weresh is currently managing the patent operations function for Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Group, responsible for the filing, prosecution, and maintenance of Microsoft’s Worldwide patent portfolio.

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