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Q&A: Gijima clinches Apple SI deal

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Gijima has been appointed the first Apple Authorised Systems Integrator (SI) in Southern Africa. Gijima will assist with the support for Apple hardware and software solutions that work with company-managed systems.

Raymond Defteroes, Gijima Chief Client Officer (CCO) for Commercial Business (image source: Gijima)

On 30 June 2011, Gijima announced the Apple deal during the company’s annual financial results presentation. The deal forms part of Gijima’s Vision 2025 plan,which entails forming new partnerships, exploring the African business markets, exploring mobility and building efficient applications.

ITNewsAfrica interviewed Raymond Defteroes, Gijima Chief Client Officer (CCO) for Commercial Business to find out how will the deal benefit both organisations.

1. How did the Gijima and Apple deal happen? What does it entail?

Gijima recognised that our clients are increasingly demanding a partner who can support their mobile systems, platforms and applications. As a leader in the smartphone and tablet market, Apple was a logical partner for Gijima. The recognition by Apple Inc UK and the Core Group, Apple’s distributor in South Africa, of our enterprise capability is important as it provides our clients with the peace of mind that we have the capability to deliver the services they require.

2. Why is Gijima focused on mobility?

We envisage a post-PC future where many users will choose to use their mobile devices as their primary devices, or as an increasingly important secondary device. By listening to our clients needs we identified that this is a service offering that we needed to have if we want to remain as a leader in the ICT industry. Our status as preferred providers with leading international companies such as Apple, and MobileIron demonstrate our commitment to this market.

3. Has Gijima started developing its own applications?

We released our own internal communications application the iMag in June 2011, a further 5 applications, some client facing, some internal will be released by end of October 2011. We expect to increase the pace of development of applications over the short term period.

4. What sort of applications will you roll-out? Who will be your target market?

Our applications are primarily targeted at two audiences – the first is productivity applications that allow Gijima’s staff to better service their clients in innovative ways, and second, customer specific applications that are specific to a client and help them leverage the mobile platform and its unique capabilities.

5. What’s Gijima’s views regarding visualisation and enterprise mobility?

Visualization of business data is one of the key uses for tablets in the mobile space, this is a capability that goes beyond the use of devices for personal productivity applicaitons such as mail.

Ultimately the form factor lends itself to use in different situations from a laptop – a factory store man can use the device practically as a notebook replacement and visualisation of stock levels at the point where this is most useful is an example of how a tablet could be used effectively in enterprises. At the senior executive level accessibility to real Business Intelligence (BI) has always been a key concern, and the tablet provides an excellent visual way of accessing this information for realt time decision making.

6. Do you foresee a massive Smartphone and tablet growth in Africa?

Africa has already proven that it is amongst the most receptive areas in the world towards cellphones. As tablets and smartphones become more affordable, they will become the device of choice for most users on the continent.

7. Is Gijima considered an authorised Apple product re-seller?

Gijima is an Authorised Apple Enterprise Reseller and the 1st Authorised Apple Systems Integrator on the African continent.

Bontle MoengITNewsAfrica Online Editor

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