MTN Business provides virtual desktop services

MTN Business announced the launch of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) this week.

According to Gartner’s latest research, worldwide hosted virtual desktop market will increase through 2013, reaching 49 million units.

Justin Colyn, MTN Business GM for Fixed Mobile Convergence (image source: file photo)

“Through this offering, MTN Business is addressing the biggest concerns that businesses have today, that of safe, cost effective ICT solutions.

MTN DaaS offers customers a complete service that not only makes commercial sense, as it requires little reconfiguration, should there be changes to the organisation in the desktop environment, but delivers full security and limited IT maintenance – as the solution is hosted in the cloud,” says Justin Colyn, MTN Business GM for Fixed Mobile Convergence.

According to a study undertaken by Gartner, on average, companies spend up to $7 000 per PC per year on operating costs, where 77% of this is on service and support alone.

“These figures strongly suggest that traditional desktop PCs are an expensive capital outlay for a business, even if they are a necessary one.

Furthermore, what elevates concerns for organisations is not merely the rising cost, but the heightened security risks that this digital environment brings with it, as often critical company information is lost when a computer crashes or is misplaced or stolen – and we know that managing the complexity of this information can be very overwhelming to companies,” says Colyn.

“Through using MTN DaaS these costs and concerns can be significantly reduced. In fact, through our own research, we have discovered that MTN DaaS can assist businesses in saving between R60 000 – R70 000 per employee over a three year period. What’s more, MTN DaaS can also assist a business in promoting a greener framework, as currently each PC user consumes between 360 to 500 watts per hour. By implementing MTN DaaS into a business model, this can be condensed down to 4 to 12 watts of power per user/hour – a massive power saving.”

“This DaaS solution forms a crucial part of MTN Business’s ICT roadmap and 360 degree communication service offering to our customers. We look forward to the prospects that this solution will hold for our customers,” concludes Colyn.


  1. DaaS will meet the demand for companies to accommodate employee owed devices in the workplace. It might not have that great an impact on energy if companies still rely on desktop PC to enable employees to access the DaaS platform.

  2. I've heard MTN's DaaS platform is going to be the one to look out for. Apparently their technology is very different from those competitors using the likes of VMWare etc. Maybe MTN finally has the trump card they needed.

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