Nigerian gov keeps CDMA + GSM tech

August 26, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Nigeria is not phasing out the old Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology in favour of the modern standard, (Global System for Mobile Communications) GSM technology.

The Nigerian government plans to keep both CDMA + GSM technology (image source: file photo)

The Nigerian government said most small businesses in the country still rely on CDMA technology. The government is confident that both CDMA and GSM systems would coincide with one another in future.

Qualcomm’s Managing Director for West Africa Alex Dadson said analysts and companies should not be fearful of the move to maintain both technologies in future.

Dadson said that there must have been a misunderstanding of the issue somewhere, referring to the reports in the Nigerian media that said the CDMA technology would phased out in the next five years.

“Both GSM and CDMA will likely co-exist as we do not expect any operator to roll out Long Term Evolution (LTE) nationwide on day one.

“In fact, our chipset strategies anticipates this reality, which is why we will have dual mode LTE/UMTS/CDMA chips” for the foreseeable future,” said Dadson.

David Eto



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