Augere launches broadband network in Rwanda


Augere, a UK based and emerging market broadband provider is expanding in East Africa with the launch of Rwanda’s broadband network and the acquisition of Tanzania’s spectrum license.

Augere launches Rwanda’s broadband network and acquires Tanzania’s spectrum license (image source: file photo)

In November 2011, Augere, which operates under the brand name QUBEE will officially launch its WiMAX network in Kigali. and there is already a growing hope that it will establish Rwanda as the next East African nation where IT and telecom development will spur economic growth.

QUBEE will offer fast and reliable broadband Internet access to the people of Rwanda, and will further support the economic development of the area by creating significant new opportunities.

In addition, Augere has also announced that it obtained a spectrum license to offer wireless broadband services in Tanzania. This new license further expands Augere’s coverage in the region and adds to Uganda and Rwanda.

“This is an exciting time for Augere.  We are at the forefront of the broadband revolution in emerging markets, and the launch in Rwanda and the new license in Tanzania greatly increase the opportunities for people in the region and for the Augere business,” said David Venn, Augere Global CEO.

Janan Yussif