Nigeria: Visafone acquires Multi-Links

It what a number of analysts fear could be the beginning of a new telecom price war in Nigeria, Visafone has acquired the 1.2 million subscribers of Multilinks-Telkom Nigeria. The company said it would begin informing customers of the change in ownership in the near future and begin rebranding their new network.

The company, in a press release late Monday, said they would assure existing subscribers that their service will remain in tact.

The deal went through last week and the notices will be issued via SMS, Business Day reported on Monday.

Visafone said it is also considering reductions in current call costs and other promotions in an attempt to expand its subscriber base, which is being seen by rivals in the country as an attempt to start a price war over mobile phone service.

Analysts agree that the acquisition puts Visafone in prime position to take a leap forward in the ongoing Nigeria telecom battles that has seen the country’s regulator step in and demand better services for the industry.

With the deal, Visafone now has 4.2 million subscribers, making them the leader in the active user market.

By Staff


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