Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Regulator bans telecom lotteries in Nigeria

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The Nigerian Communications Communication (NCC) has ordered Telecom operators to stop conducting lotteries in the country, stressing that all promotions carried out by telecom operators must be in accordance with the Guidelines on Advertisements and Promotions published by the commission.

According to This Day Nigeria, the commission charged operators to desist from charging premium rates for non-premium services. It emphasized that sending of SMS prompting telecom subscribers to participate in lotteries is suspended until further notice.
The NCC warned that appropriate sanctions would be enforced in compliance with its Enforcement Regulations 2005, on all network operators who fail to comply with the directive.
The directive is aimed at protecting the interests of consumers after the NCC received several complaints from various stakeholders about telecom operators engaging in lottery activities and unsolicited SMS messages.
The commission said while promotions are allowed under the guidelines already published by the commission, with set minimum requirements and standards of advertisements and promotions, lotteries are excluded from such activities.
It said “promotions as defined in the guidelines do not include lotteries where the consumer does not receive commensurate service or value for money spent”.

In Nigeria, there have been incessant complaints that scores of subscribers are being coerced on a daily basis to take part in these promos by parting with their meagre resources, in the hope of winning mouth watering prices.


  1. The trend of this extortion is at an alarming rate as subscriber often times do not have sufficient information to justify their participation. I strongly believe this is a good step in the right direction to curb such practices as most of this lotteries are even designed to rob the poor and enrich the rich; how sad.
    Nigerians therefore need to arise to the fact that they need to get in touch with their service providers to confirm, verify and identify promos before getting involved.


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