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Nology unveils ADSL router with integrated 3G modem

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Riaan Leuschner, MD Nology
Nology, a supplier of security-driven broadband, networking and communication solutions announced the launch of Billion’s 7800GZ, a 3G/HSDPA embedded ADSL2+ wireless VPN firewall router, designed especially for smaller businesses.

The new router will eliminate the common problem of compatibility issues of many different 3G USB modems, with users simply have to insert a compatible SIM card into the built in slot to share a 3G/HSDPA connection wirelessly in a small office.

There is also an integrated IPSec VPN function which enables encryption of up to four VPN tunnels to securely transmit data over the Internet.

“This innovative router provides SOHOs and office users the ability to share secure mobile broadband across their organizations using one router and one SIM card instead of multiple USB modems, making connectivity more convenient and available than ever. In addition, users will not be tied in with a two-year contract and can choose a monthly contract or ‘pay as you go’ option”, says Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology.

The router features a dual-WAN interface and is suitable for SMEs, as it offers the option to connect to Internet via ADSL, setting an Ethernet port as WAN or via 3G, by just inserting a 3G/HSDPA SIM card into the built in SIM slot.

This duality proves very helpful in case one of the line fails. If the ADSL fails, the router automatically switches to 3G network and then restore the previous connection when available, minimizing connection costs.

Another feature for the 7800 GZ router is support for embedded IPSec VPN protocols and a built-in DES/3DES VPN accelerator for better performance and secured access to corporate Intranet. Firewall security features such as SPI, Denial of Service (DoS) attack prevention and URL content filtering are integrated to provide protection for Internet access.

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) standard allows users to establish a secure wireless connection at a push of a button, while a built-in Wireless Distribution System (WDS) provides further expansion of wireless network without any additional wires or cables.

Founded in 2001, Nology is a supplier of broadband, networking and communication solutions. The company sells its products and solutions, including Billion, AirLive and Yealink among others, via two distribution channels: Ingram Micro’s national distribution network and service providers that offer customized products.


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