Hardware security appliances, obsolete by the end of 2011?

December 10, 2009 • Security

SpamTitan Technologies, the producers of spam and web filtering software, announced yesterday a bright future for virtual cloud computing offerings, predicting an increase in customer preference for virtalised-driven security solutions leading to redundancy of hardware security appliances by the end of 2011.

The predictions were based on sales evidence, a decreasing trend in hardware ownership costs and wide availability of affordable, user-friendly virtual security appliances.

“In the past three years, we have seen user demand completely transformed. Where once there was near universal demand for security hardware systems there is now an overriding preference for virtual appliances. This dramatic customer shift away from physical appliances can be put down to the cost advantage and easy management of virtual appliances and fatigue with the high cost and management overheads associated with physical appliances”, explained SpamTitan CEO, Ronan Kavanagh.

Both vendors and customers are benefiting from software and virtual appliances, said to be cheaper, straightforward, more flexible and cost-driven, he added. Avoiding upgrades at regular intervals, set up and management difficulties is very possible and definetly more scalable. “Our sales figures point emphatically to a future dominated by virtualisation and cloud computing. It is difficult to see where and how traditional security hardware point solutions can survive”, said Ronan Kavanagh.

In 2009, over 90% of SpamTitan’s customers opted for a virtual model, an impressive shift in end-users perceptions from five years ago, when all customers were using hardware appliance options. The company then decided not to launch a physical version for its new WebTitan web filter.

SpamTitan Technologies, based in Galway, Ireland, is a global provider of sophisticated enterprise-level email security solutions. The company markets SpamTitan and WebTitan products, offering small and medium size businesses comprehensive protection from email threats, including viruses, SPAM, Trojans, phishing, malware and other unwanted content.



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