MTN Business offers customers more bandwidth

Angela_Gahagan.jpgMTN Business, a wholly owned division of MTN – Africa’s leading telecommunications company – today celebrated the benefits of the combined ISP Businesses by offering its customers additional value.

Customers who have 2 Mbps access circuits or larger, will be able to claim up to 50 percent more bandwidth at no extra charge from MTN Business.

“We are looking forward to changing the landscape next year but are examining ways to give our customers a competitive advantage now,” says Angela Gahagan, Executive at MTN Business. “We believe that there is already a disconnect between the amount of bandwidth customers require and the amount of bandwidth they can afford, and that pent-up demand will only increase in 2010 onwards.”

MTN Business is in a unique position to make this offer to customers following the network efficiencies achieved through the recent merger between MTN Network Solutions and Verizon Business South Africa. The integration is now completed. Says Gahagan; “Not only does the integration allow even more network resilience, but our network is now at the stage where the synergies are no longer theoretical. We can now exploit these to the benefit of customers – existing and potential.”

The economic rebound, increasing use of cloud computing, convergence, network services and natural organic growth are all expected to increase the bandwidth demands of most South African companies. With this offer, MTN Business will enable its customers to take up such bandwidth whenever appropriate, and factor the availability into budget projections for the next fiscal year as well.

Says Gahagan; “This offer is valid as of today and our network is fully prepared for any increased bandwidth requirements from customers who wish to explore our pan-African and global offerings. We are set on being a catalyst in driving industry competitiveness; to not only compel principled industry developments, but to stimulate economic progress for the greater good of our customers, our country and the continent.”

Fundamental to MTN Business remains our commitment to Network quality and customer service excellence, this with the Pan African and Global reach of MTN Business uniquely positions us to assist with the complex and diverse solutions required by our customers.


  1. This is good news- for Big corporate Business. But what about the most crucial sector of all- education? There is a huge deficit in supply to schools. Many schools are still not able to afford granting their students access to the internet, despite pressure from government to improve access and implement e- learning.

    What is MTN`s position in granting access to schools?

  2. This is good news – how about using this service to help learners and teachers gain internet access? M-learning or E-learning is a wonderful way to help any and all students, and can be efficiently done. I would go with Chisimba e-learning which is designed for African bandwidth environments ie: very low bandwidth requirements. It supports both pedagogies.

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