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Report says mobile games market tops US$5 billion

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iphone.jpgA new report from Juniper Research reports that the demand for mobile games globally has risen by 20% to an estimated US$5.4 billion annually, spurred by high demand for mobile games in Africa, the Middle East and other developing regions.

The report also highlights the popularity of mobile games on the iPhone platform, which account for more mobile downloads by its users than for any other handset manufacturer or model.

Report author, Dr Windsor Holden, says: “The combination of iPhone and the Apple App Store has galvanized the mobile games industry,” and continues ““Apple has provided an innovative device which enables developers to create smooth, compelling, visually attractive games for the mobile user, together with a business model offering a highly competitive revenue share for developers.”

The report also found that the Far East and China are currently the largest consumers of mobile games, but that the Indian sub continent will overtake Western Europe to occupy the number two spot by 2010. Other forecasts from the report predict that advertising will fund more than half of games downloaded by 2012.

Juniper Research compiled the report based on empirical data, case studies and opinions from leading organizations in the mobile games market.

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