AccessKenya Group launches lifestyle portal

AccessKenya Group, Kenya’s first publicly listed ICT company and leading Corporate Internet Service Provider, has launched a lifestyle portal in Kenya, dedicated to providing Kenyan information on the Internet, so that Kenyans can do more, see more and be more in Kenya.

AccessKenya now leads the market as the provider of residential Internet connections, but until now there have been no more than a few sources of information on the WorldWideWeb giving truly Kenyan information.

The new information website for Kenya’s home Internet users, branded as @Home in Kenya is on

Speaking in Nairobi during the launch, AccessKenya Group Managing Director, Jonathan Somen said “@Home in Kenya portal is the newest and best place to reach individuals looking for lifestyle information in Kenya. @Home in Kenya will be the first locally generated content portal to identify and cater specifically to the fundamental need for lifestyle information.”

With articles being added daily and an online monthly newsletter on lifestyle tips ranging from health and beauty, house and garden, food, shopping, travel and tourism, entertainment events and information on Kenya – business and history, the website is expected to become a primary resource web site for finding information in Kenya.

The @Home in Kenya Portal will provide news of the latest events, fashions and best-buys in town; deep data on how to travel, what there is to see, the activities you didn’t know about; the low-down on what shaped Kenya’s history, recipes if you’re stuck for tonight’s dinner party, and a straight line to where to get the right ingredients to make them, be it in Lavington or South B, C.

Mr. Somen said the launch of the portal was motivated by the increasing need by the public to have readily available information on Kenyan lifestyle. “With 3 million Kenyan internet users, it’s time to have our own information and content on the Web instead of relying on foreign generated facts, figures and features.”

Somen added that the portal is an initiative under the Access@Home brand, AccessKenya’s residential broadband and it will play a strategic role in pushing sales of the Group’s existing products. “The more you give people what they want in terms of local content, the more they will want to get connected, even at home. The arrival of the fibre optic cable soon will enable more Kenyans to access the Internet hence the need to provide more and better content for them,” said Somen. The portal is a joint venture by AccessKenya headed by Petra Somen and Jenny Luesby, of African Laughter.

Jenny Luesby, managing editor of, said: “Our goal is to be the best home lifestyle guide for both locals and visitors to Kenya, offering news and information on the kind of lifestyle now blossoming in the country. Each month, the site will be driven by an editorial theme, be it on love and relationships, the environment, religion, history, or politics”.

@Home in Kenya is an initiative by a top team of Kenyan journalists and researchers and will be dynamic by incorporating the members’ views and suggestions.

“As membership in the new website grows, and people become aware of its existence,” Ms. Luesby explained, “we should be able to see the differences almost on a daily basis – changes as suggested by our members and implemented by our editorial team.”

“This is a dynamic project, which is as the Internet needs to be.” He added.


  1. l’d rather take a tour of the site first before posting a comment, though l doubt it will offer anyting so new or very different from other existing local websites.Still the venture is welcomed as it give people more choices to choose from.

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