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CA Named Global Market Share Leader in Job Scheduling Software

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ca.jpgCA today announced it has been recognised as the worldwide market share leader in job scheduling software by analyst firm IDC. According to the IDC report, “Worldwide System Operations Software 2007 Vendor Shares.” CA’s market share increased 10.9% year-over-year. The company now owns 19.6 percent of the $1.5 billion job scheduling software market.

According to the IDC report, “Job scheduling, which includes workload-balancing applications, will continue to experience healthy growth as a result of virtualisation sprawl, and customer needs to improve resource utilisation and application performance across virtualised infrastructure. Over time, IDC expects the line between job scheduling, workload management, virtualisation, and datacenter automation to blur as these technologies converge.”

“Companies recognise CA Workload Automation as the premier solution for automating the scheduling and deployment of workloads across mainframe and distributed systems,” said Andrea Lodolo, Manager of Technical Sales at CA Africa. “As IT administrators increasingly leverage technologies such as virtualisation, automation, SOA and Web services, they are turning to CA to help them transform job scheduling and workload automation from an IT operations aid to a dynamic, business-driven process.”

“Workload Automation is one of the most effective ways of improving reliability and stability in data centers, and it has also shown that together with integrated data center tools it can significantly save costs and assist in driving IT business initiatives forward at a more rapid pace,” he added.

CA’s job scheduling software, including CA Workload Automation, CA Jobtrac Job Management, and CA Scheduler Job Management, provides the foundation for event-driven automation that aligns workload execution with business policies, optimises service levels, and boosts operational productivity. Job scheduling is a core component of CA Workload Automation, an integrated set of tools that enable IT organisations to improve control over the dynamic execution of workloads required by today’s complex business processes.

CA Workload Automation can be used either standalone or integrated with other CA automation solutions, such as CA Data Center Automation Manager. The integration of CA Workload Automation and CA Data Center Automation Manager provides the ability to provision computing capacity to meet processing demands and to efficiently accommodate workload execution onto physical and virtualised environments. Customers can implement systems and processes to handle planned and unplanned workload and transaction bursts, ensuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not breached.

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