SMC Networks offers free tuition for home network users, IT professionals


SMC launches online portal in a bid to fill education gap of network engineers in the SMB/ E and assist home users to make the most of their equipment
SMC Networks, a global provider of LAN hardware and broadband connectivity devices, has announced the launch of its ‘SMC Networks Academy’ portal available at

Designed for all abilities, the portal is ideal for those interested in learning more about how to effectively run and maintain networks. It offers those using IT in the home, SOHO (Small or Home Office) or SME, training online and free of charge.

The training comes in three levels: Basic, Advanced, Professional Levels to suit all needs and is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

“Irrelevant of one’s needs or capabilities, when it comes to training, the provision to learn has become somewhat of a premium in terms of the time, financial investment and ability,” comments Thierry Gonon, General Manager EMEA at SMC Networks. “We have developed this online portal to help IT workers irrespective of needs and skills to grow and improve their knowledge of running an effective network.”

Users of the portal are invited to sign-up using an individual login and study the self-contained comprehensive e-training modules, pitched at three different levels at their leisure online.

The Basic Level gives those new to networking a pre-study backgrounder covering the OSI reference model, explains the different network components and gives a general overview on Internetworking and the TCP/IP protocol.

The Advanced Level focuses on technology and concepts such as Wireless LAN, Antennas, as well as Network Attached Storage.

Finally, the Professional Level gives users an in-depth training programme covering network management, policy-based networking and IP routing including topics such as VLAN, Quality of Service, LAN Security and IP Multicasting. All levels and modules are self-contained so that networking experts can skip the basic levels and focus on the more advanced areas to enhance their knowledge and skills.

“We are very pleased to introduce this free facility to our global marketplace. It not only affords everyone the opportunity to learn more about networking in the home or office, but increases the overall knowledge and appreciation of the importance of the network in our lives today,” says Paul Luff, country manager, SMC Networks South Africa.

On completion of an online examination learners can gain ‘SMC Networking Graduate’ status confirming that they are able to design customised networking solutions based on SMC products and technologies.

The passing of the online examination is acknowledged by users receiving a personalised ‘SMC Networking Graduate’ certification.

The SMC Academy is open for everyone, free of charge and online, making learning convenient and accessible for all.


  1. interested to have self study, online, or offline, self training for Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Office 2003 and Vista.
    Please advise if this is free or charged for.
    David Simson, Starhawk.
    Wish to teach here in Gauteng, South Africa.

  2. Interested in self study in cisco netwoking or mcse.
    I would be very gratefull if iwill get a full course for i want to teach here in Dsm Tanzania.

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