Evidian announces Enterprise SSO for Unix

evidian.gifEvidian, the European identity and access management leader, announces today the availability of a new Linux-based client for its enterprise single sign-on solution.

The new client enables Linux users to log in with the same ID/password they use to access Windows or (with Evidian Mobile E-SSO) a web portal from any internet browser. Evidian’s access management offer is thus extended to all PCs in the enterprise.

Just as for Windows, administrators can centrally control access to Linux PCs based on the user’s identity, role, the station’s location and even the date and time of the access request. Similarly, removing all the accesses of a departing user, whether he or she uses Linux, Windows or just a web browser, requires a single operation from Evidian’s Enterprise SSO console, effective immediately. With the resulting new rules and policies, the enterprise can better manage risks related to user access and reinforce its audit capabilities.

Evidian’s advanced solutions for managing SSO in Microsoft environments make it possible to directly authenticate Linux users on Microsoft Active Directory. When a user logs on to a Linux PC, the Evidian Enterprise SSO client software verifies his or her identity in the corporate Active Directory base, as it would for a Windows PC. Using their existing directory, enterprises can leverage their investments. And administration is greatly simplified: there is a unified way to manage PC access, independent of the underlying Windows or Linux technology.

“Our customers deploy IT access infrastructures that are more and more diverse, and integrate Linux PCs partially or completely” says Hassan Maad, COO of Evidian. “Our mission is to deliver enterprise access management solutions that are independent of underlying technologies. Uniquely on the market, Evidian Enterprise SSO offers our customers a solution that unifies user access administration, whatever the access point.”

Drawing on 15 years of real-world experience and innovation, Evidian’s Enterprise SSO is a robust software solution that offers unique mobility and data privacy features. Evidian’s solution goes beyond traditional SSO tools by integrating with corporate business policies. It provides role-based management functions that accelerate time to value and ensure user security and productivity.

Evidian’s Enterprise SSO can be deployed either standalone or jointly with other features of Evidian’s IAM Suite – such as policy management, provisioning and strong access control. It can also be used together with any identity management solution on the market. As a result, organizations can leverage SSO to get the most value out of their existing identity management investment.

Evidian Enterprise SSO for Unix/Linux is available now on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5. Versions on Solaris and AIX will be available in 2009. For more information on this product, contact Evidian or its partners.