Big endorsement for Zain in Nigeria

images_27.jpgFrom the Telecom industry umpire, the Nigerian communications Commission (NCC) came a big and definite endorsement for Zain Nigeria, for the company’s long standing good customer service pedigree at the weekend in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

The industry watchdog awarded Zain the Telecom Network with the Largest Customer Care Outlets prize and also commended the operator for showing genuine commitment to serving its customers.
The award was announced and presented at 5th Anniversary of the popular customers’ forum, the Telecoms Consumers Parliament held at the Musa Yar’ Adua Conference Centre in Abuja.
According to the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Communication, Engineer Earnest Ndukwe, in addition to investing heavily in setting up Customers Care Centres and customers contact centres such as shops across the country, Zain has also recruited and empowered its Dealers to handle and resolve customer enquiries throughout the country.
He said it was the resolve of the Commission to ensure the prevalence of good customer service in the telecom industry, stressing that it was the NCC’s job to make sure consumers are not taken for granted and get value for their monies.
The prize was presented to Zain before a live audience comprising telecom consumers, regulators, consumer advocacy group, Journalists, and operators. The programme was transmitted live on television to millions of homes in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.
The award to Zain Nigeria by the NCC comes barely a fortnight after the company was rewarded for the 5ht Straight Year by the Nigeria Telecom Awards for the being the “Best Customer Care Operator” in the country.
Reacting to the award which was warmly received by the audience, the Chief Executive Officer, Zain Nigeria, Bayo Ligali, described the award as “an official endorsement of the public perception of our network as the best in Class in introducing Customer Centric initiatives and practices”.
“This award will surely challenge us to persist in our relentless pursuit of excellence in customer care service delivery. We will continue to put our customer first. Our internal processes are currently being re-engineered to enable us (both our customer facing and non customer facing staff) serve our customers more efficiently and effectively”, he declared.
Ligali who was the only Chief Executive Officer of a major telecom company present at the stated that while Zain Nigeria accepts the award with humility, it is more than ever before determined to remain firmly committed to achieving world class standard not only in customer service in all aspects of its operations.
He expressed the resolve the Zain to deliver value to millions of its customers, adding that the company will continue to create avenues for its valued customers to reach the company to make enquiries and get problems resolved.
Zain has created various channels for its customers to reach it and these includes consumer contact points or shops, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that enable customers to get self help, toll free customer care helpline or 111, email service, website (self help customer care service link on the website) and major Dealers outlets across Nigeria.
Zain is the first Nigerian operator to offer toll free toll-free 24-hour customer care line or helpdesk (111), establish Call Centre in several locations in the country and introduce emergency service line (Zain 199).


  1. I subscribe to Zain joli which supposed to be free on activation but I was charged about 50 Naira.The monthly sms that is free on-net,ever since I subscribe to Zain joli each time I sent sms to another Zain number they cheaged me for it. call to different and same network now attract higher tariff. please rectify these. the number is 08028660503

  2. Please i can not send SMS and MMS with my number, i dnt know what is happening to my line recently . .my number is 08086878510. .i will be happy if this is rectified. . .thanks and God bless !

  3. Did Zain have caller tune ?

    If you do, please save me the stress and go ahead and fix my number 0708 177 1660

    Deduct whatever your charges.

    Bernard Anuwe

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