Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Sahara’s new Digital Photo Frame – your photos in motion picture

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sahara_frame.jpgSahara Computers, an internationally established supplier of information, communication and digital lifestyle technology, proudly introduces the Sahara 7-inch Digital Photo Frame to the local market.

The device, competitively priced and targeted at a broad end user market, is brought out in a stylish photo frame format and has the built in digital functionality of allowing the user to store and display photographs in slide show or motion picture with sound.

Sahara’s Digital Photo Frame comes in two versions, one with basic functionality and another with full functionality. The latter features exclusive remote control, AV-out and built-in speakers, and can also support movies in MP4/ AVI/ DivX format, photos and MP3 music.

“With basic functionality, the user can store photographs using either a flash drive, Mini SD Card or a MMC memory card, and display them on the device. Images are displayed in Jpeg format on the screen with perfect clarity,” says Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara. “There is also the added convenience of a calendar and clock functionality.”

The latest solution to emerge from Sahara’s extensive line up of digital lifestyle product offers much more use than an electronic picture frame.

“This product is much more than a fancy digital alarm clock. Its features and built-in technology offer the user a very practical, digital photo album and device that can play back music and visuals. It really represents the next step in digital lifestyle technology and the convergence of electronic equipment with next generation mobile and wireless applications,” adds Naidoo.

According to Naidoo the digital photo frame has gained popularity globally as a ‘must have’ for the networked home and technology lifestyle enthusiast. Continued focus on this market by vendors and suppliers has resulted in a significant amount of product hitting the shelves.

“There is a variety of photo frames available on the market. However, consumers should be cautious in committing to invest exclusively in a brand name alone. Typical characteristics of a great solution include high resolution specifications, with some reviewers suggesting nothing less than six forty by four eighty, as well as the most suitable aspect ratio or speed of photo taken against capacity size of the screen to accommodate shot. This must suit the size of the frame,” adds Naidoo.

The full functionality model allows the user to benefit from other aspects of the solution, other than superior image quality. Images can be stored and displayed with music, and other considerations – such as navigation, ease of use and connectivity to the home network and other devices – is also important.

“With the Sahara Digital Photo Frame users also have the option to link the device up to a television or PC, share the creation of images and sound, which offers up additional value to any home entertainment environment,” Naidoo continues.


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