Nigeria to grow internet usage to 2million in 8 months

August 25, 2008 • Top Stories

President of The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), has announce that the organisation has set a target of growing Internet usage in the country to 2 million in the next 18 months.

NIRA, he said, has identified three opportunities to boost internet penetration in Nigeria: the proliferation of the data market within the core telecommunications industry, the need to protect brands with multiple domains (for both corporate names and product brands), and rising content needs in the Nigerian market.

NIRA will also capitalize on the federal government’s projects, such as the State Accelerated Broadband Initiative, in order to reach its goal, Kalu said. The government’s initiatives should result in 1 million connected broadband users and 2 million total Internet users in 18 months time, he estimated.

Kalu also noted, “The next wave,” he announced, “is the provision of mobile specific content for over 56 million mobile users. All these are expected to drive domain registration and online content.”




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