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MalaMala, Accsys carve out new route to enhanced payroll software

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After a fourteen-year period using the Accsys DOS based Nugen payroll software, management at MalaMala, situated  between the Sabi Sand Wildtuin and the Kruger Park, has converted the establishment’s infrastructure to the Accsys Peopleware solution.

Payroll at the company has been the jurisdiction and responsibility of Jack Day, who, at age 98, has reluctantly relinquished responsibility for the management of the Nugen System.

As the accountant of MalaMala, Ken Norden, who has now taken over Day’s duties regarding the payroll system, says the Nugen system initially handled only those employees that were traditionally viewed as salary earners whilst the manual wage systems at various locations throughout the country adequately handled requirements of the wage earners.

The introduction of new trade and management laws governing the hospitality industry signaled the need for a change in payroll management at MalaMala.

“It was decided that the most appropriate action was to switch the complete payroll function to my portfolio and integrate a new solution that could effectively handle a more substantial workload and was comprehensive in terms of the market requirement and labour legislation. Accsys Peopleware was selected as the software platform of choice,” says Norden.

The solution has a number of features that are designed to help build business. These include screenshots that present an overview of leave management, integrated HR, payroll and time & attendance information, as well as a complete suite of HR products such as employment equity, performance appraisals, job profiling and succession planning.

According to Norden the software met with all key HR and payroll requirements and he describes the transition to Accsys Peopleware as “smooth and hassle-free”.

“The complete payroll function for the Group is now processed in Durban. My Accsys consultant, Melanie Bernstein, assisted me with the first month’s run, but thereafter I managed the system alone – with input from Melanie on those issues that I had not encountered before. In all I have about six hours on-the-job training and consider myself well equipped to stand alone,” adds Norden.

The solution is built on an OLAP-compatible relational database which means that extraction of data, statistics, graphs and much more can be easily performed.

Teryl_2008_02.jpg“The scalability of the design allows us to implement Peopleware for any environment. We are proud to remain the service provider for MalaMala in their pursuit of payroll and HR management excellence. Accsys is committed to its core function as a complete resource, services and support partner,” says Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys. 

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