Vodacom Picks SpinVox Technology to Launch Voicemail-to-Text Service in Africa

October 16, 2007 • Mobile and Telecoms

Technology from UK-based SpinVox has enabled South African cellular carrier Vodacom to launch what it claims is Africa’s first voicemail-to-text service.

The idea for SpinVox’s speech-to-text software was born in 2003 when Christina Domecq, co-founder and CEO of the company, became frustrated while listening to her voicemails after a long meeting—she though it would be easier to review the messages in text format. The service that came out of that idea was rolled out first in North American and Europe. Now that it’s being introduced in Africa, SpinVox plans to next tackle Australia.
“SpinVox is a powerful messaging service that saves customers time by eliminating the need to listen to traditional voicemail,” explained Domecq in a statement. “We’re proud to be making SpinVox available in Africa for the first time and believe that customers will find it a simple and easy, yet immensely valuable way of controlling and improving daily communications.”
Domecq added: “Our experience in delivering the SpinVox service means we are confident that South African consumers and business people alike will soon find SpinVox an essential tool for helping them get the most out of their busy lives and derive even more value from Vodacom’s infrastructure right across the country.”
SpinVox’s Voice Message Conversion System works by combining computer-based speech technologies with a live-learning language process. The company has tasted success and has ambitious plans for the future with a target of having at least six million users in the first quarter of 2008.

Source: TMC



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  1. steve says:

    spinvox is an utter waste of time, it just clogs my inbox with out-of-date messages which read incorrectly. Please please please tell me how to stop it coming into my cell!!

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